Cornerstone Nursing & Rehab Center, a Medicare, Medicaid Certified skilled facility provides dependable, high quality care to all of our residents.
Cornerstone Nursing & Rehab Center also offers nutritious meals, housekeeping, personal laundry and skilled maintenance persons to ensure the needs of our residents are met and everything is always working properly
Inpatient Physical Therapy, Occupational and Speech Therapy are also provided so our short and long term residents can be restored to their maximum potential.
Our Resident Council has received many generous donations from individuals within the neighboring communities. We enjoy frequent visits by local church groups, school children, clergy, and musical groups all who want to extend a hand and be part of the Cornerstone Community.
Personalized Care Plans
24 Hour Skilled Nursing Care
Physician Visits
Exercise & Restorative Care Programs
Therapeutic Diets
Individual Therapy
Individual & Group Activities
One-To-One Contact

Cornerstone Nursing & Rehab Center offers a wide array of amenities aimed at providing our residents with a worry free stay while they rest and recuperate. Post-hospital patients may take advantage of their Medicare benefits as they recover at Cornerstone Nursing & Rehab Center.
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