Cornerstone maintains high standards throughout our facilities to ensure our residents get the care they deserve. We're proud be certified with the Minnesota Department of Health, American Healthcare Association, Care Providers of Minnesota and the National Center for Assisted Living.



Cornerstone Residence, an Assisted Living community in Fosston, Minnesota was built in 2004 with 24 apartments.   At that time health care was taking a turn to alternative long term care.  It was then when the Board of Directives made the decision to build this Assisted Living Community attached the 32 bed Skilled Nursing Facility which they had operated since 1973.  In July, 2010, this same Skilled Nursing Facility, transitioned to a Housing with Services Establishment and Cornerstone Residence began providing Assisted Living Services to their residents.

In 2012, the former skilled nursing facility was torn down and a new structure with 18 apartments was built.  It’s new name became Cornerstone Residence Extended Care, where Assisted Living Services are provided to 18 residents with a higher level of health related and supportive services

The same Board of Directors of Cornerstone Residence owned a Skilled Nursing Facility in Kelliher, Minnesota since 1990.  In 2007, this Skilled Nursing Facility transitioned to an Assisted Living Community with 22 apartments, thus becoming Cornerstone Residence of Kelliher.

The same Board of Directors purchased Cornerstone Nursing and Rehab, Inc. in Bagley, Minnesota in 2008.  The Board had done a needs assessment in Clearwater County in 2008 to determine if an Assisted Living Community was needed to meet the needs of Clearwater County.  In addition to providing Skilled Nursing and Rehab, the Board saw there was a need to expand their services to include Assisted living.  In 2009,  an 37 apartment assisted Living community was built  and is currently providing health related and support services to 37 residents living at Cornerstone Residence of Bagley.

Cornerstone residence, in all locations, provides  health and supportive services, assistance with personal activities of Daily Living such as bathing, grooming, feeding, etc,  Medication Management, Therapy or treatment services, nursing delegated services, meals, housekeeping, laundry, assist with shopping,

This same Board of Directors has been providing quality health care since 1973.  Cornerstone Residence has been providing Assisted Living Services in Fosston, Mn, since 2004, in Kelliher, Mn. since 2007, in Bagley, Mn. since 2009, and Skilled Nursing and Rehab in Bagley since 2008.  Cornerstone,  in all locations, does not limit its services to any financial preference. Cornerstone provides services to all residents receiving financial assistance through Elderly Waiver, Medicare, Medical Assistance, GRH, Long Term Care Insurance, as well as private Pay.